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Welcome to the next-generation financial technology platform, crafted with features to help manage your finances with ease.

Here at UpBanx, you can do financing, generate invoices, and create financial statements, all with no fuss. Everything is at your fingertips.


Enjoy reliable financing

With us, fund is no longer an issue when it comes to business management. Enjoy invoice financing in advance with an admin fee of only 1.8–2.5% per month.
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No more missed and messed up invoice

Create, share, and send reminders of your invoice within one swipe.
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Turn your financial data into clear, easy-to-understand reports in seconds.

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Financial freedom for us is

Not just about money, but also about financial power, that give you time to do something you love the most and make an impact.

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Dari 10 startup yang diprediksi jadi raksasa Asia dalam laporan Emerging Giants in Asia Pasific yang diterbitkan KPMG bersama HSBC, ada nama UpBanx di dalamnya.


UpBanx sebagai startup tercepat di Indonesia yang mendapat status centaur.


UpBanx diluncurkan dengan harapan dapat menyelesaikan pain point terkait financing yang kerap dihadapi para kreator.”


Several of Indonesia's top creator networks, such as RANS Entertainment and DRM, are investors in and users of UpBanx.”

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How is UpBanx different from other financial services?

Our purpose is to help creators like you achieve financial goals without fuss! Instead of having multiple apps for different financial products, UpBanx brings together relevant financial products for you in one single app, catered to your needs as a creator.

Is it safe to use UpBanx?

UpBanx is safe! UpBanx offers financial products on our app in conjunction with our licensed partners, such as Modal Rakyat which are supervised by OJK. For every new financial product we offer, we will always make sure to work with trusted and fully-licensed partners.

How does UpBanx work?

Download our app on Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS, create an account, complete our verification and KYC process, and you're set!

Do I have to pay anything to use UpBanx?

UpBanx is free to download and access, as long as you meet our minimum requirements for a creator. Each financial product on our app will have their respective fee stated on its confirmation page.

we are a trusted partner of

UpBanx is partnered with Modal Rakyat Indonesia & KoinWorks, which is licensed by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

UpBanx is registered in Kominfo and a member of Fintech Indonesia.

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